The Journey

In recent years I have had the opportunity to co-write and perform with some amazing songwriters and artists, many of whom have an extensive catalog of number one hits. I have had the chance to work with folks who are interested in further developing my songwriting skills. It is quite humbling to discover how much I have done right and how much I have done wrong in this chosen endeavor. It does appear many opportunities lie ahead – and I am hopeful that you can share the journey.

I would like to offer my thanks to more than a handful of folks who have helped along the way. First and foremost is my wife, Joye, who has always been supportive of this effort (emotionally and financially); my daughter, Emily, for her ongoing support; Bob Payne, who set in motion the fulfillment of a dream of performing at Riverbend; Mark and Janice Gray, for sharing their knowledge and friendship; Dave Gibson and Daisy Dern for making me believe in myself -- and the growing list of folks who always showed up to watch me perform.

I am also truly honored to call many esteemed local songwriters my friend. Many new songs have been completed through co-writing efforts with Mitch Collins, Megan Saunders, Jim Green, Emily Robinson, Jesse Black, Courtney Holder, Kevin Scarborough, Brian Harrison, Mike Bellotti, Herb Bushnell, Fritsl Butler, Marilyn Harris and Norm West. I look forward to many more opportunities with each of these truly talented songwriters and artists. Additional thanks go out to Jesse, Cathy and Mike Black for the continued opportunities they provide for local songwriters to perfect their craft.